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What our customers say about us

Stephen is the BEST lawyer. After 6 months of fighting for me, he got all my charges dismissed 100%. He always kept in touch with me, he was confident about my case from the 1st day I met him and hired him. He treated me like family. He is an excellent lawyer.
Mohamed Jouy
Steve did a great job in my case. He helped me reopen old cases that I closed out with no lawyer years ago. Unfortunately those cases caused my license to be suspended for 5 years. Steve told me up front that he could help me and he delivered. Now I have my license and I have not had it in 2 years.
Ninoshka Delgado
Stephen is the best attorney by far I was charged with a 2nd and 3rd degree felony had everyone and their mother sending me their info trying to retain me as their client. Called Stephen after some research and knew he was the guy immediately we discussed price right away he even accepts payments over the phone. Within a week Stephen had a meeting set up to talk to the states attorney. Next time I spoke with him a few hours later and my charges were dropped. If I could give you a 100 ⭐️’s I would. Do not hesitate to call him he will not let you down.
Joseph Zacot
Steve was great and personal. He was always quick to respond via E-mail ASAP and I found that very comforting. He got my charges reduced to the minimum possible and even helped me finish probation early! Also very understanding and responsible with payment plans too. Thanks again Steve!
Ory autin
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