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Stephen C. Maltezos is an aggressive lawyer who represents those accused of the most serious criminal and dui offenses as well as those who have been injured in an accident.  

Stephen was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana before ultimately graduating from Louisiana State University, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an area of concentration in Criminology. He earned his law degree, with honors, from Barry University School of Law in Orlando.

 Stephen has spent his entire legal career fighting for victims.  First, as a prosecutor with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office representing victims of crime, and then as a personal injury attorney representing injured victims.  His relentless efforts as a trial lawyer have resulted in jury verdicts acquitting his clients of everything from dui cases to large scale drug and felony charges.

Stephen recognizes that open communication is a key part to building a strong case, whether he is fighting a criminal case or he is representing an injured client during a personal injury case. Holding an impressive track record of success in trial courts, Stephen believes in working hard on each case and working closely with each client so that individual goals are achieved and cases are won!  

Stephen genuinely cares about every one of his clients, and he battles for each client as if he was representing a family member.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Pinellas

The Difference:

3. Personalized Attention:

  • Our commitment to providing personalized attention to each client, understanding that every case is unique.
  • Share anecdotes or examples that illustrate our dedication to individualized client care.

4. Results-Driven Strategies:

  • Showcase successful case outcomes and how our strategic, results-driven approach sets us apart.
  • Highlight our track record of achieving favorable resolutions for our clients.

Our Values:

5. Integrity and Ethics:

  • Discuss the importance of ethical practices and integrity in all aspects of our legal services.
  • Emphasize our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

6. Empathy and Understanding:

  • Express our empathy and understanding towards the challenges our clients face.
  • Share stories or examples that demonstrate our compassionate approach to legal representation.
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