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  • Awesome DUI Attorney

    Dan H.

    AWESOME DUI ATTORNEY. I hired Stephen Maltezos to represent me for a DUI. He got my charge dropped completely after winning a Motion hearing. Stephen always called me back, he always kept me informed, he was always on my side and he truly believed in me!!!!!After having gone with Mr. Maltezos on my old case and being extremely happy, I will be sure my family and I use the Maltezos Law Firm in ALL of our legal endeavors from now on.

    St. Petersburg, FL 1/27/2013

  • BEST Criminal Defense Attorney


    The BEST Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Pete. I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance . . . and let’s just say, I was in the worst position I have ever been in my life considering I was stopped, detained, arrested, hand-cuffed, then thrown in the clink. My friend told me about Stephen Maltezos and told me that he is 1 of the most aggressive yet most down to earth attorney around. My friend also told me that Mr. Maltezos's fees were not outrageous. When I met with Mr. Maltezos, he was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans (a real blue-collar guy)!!!! He gave me a free consultation and at the end of the consultation, I felt like I couldn't leave his office without retaining his services. A few months later, after Mr. Maltezos got his hands dirty from the work he was doing . . . my case was dropped completely!!! No jail, no house arrest, no probation, no conviction, and no record!!! Mr. Maltezos is the best attorney in St. Petersburg when it comes to felony criminal defense!!!!


  • Great Lawyer!


    Great Lawyer!!!! Hired Stephen Maltezos to represent me in my DUI case. He got my case dropped to a reckless driving with no probation!!!! He always called me back quickly and he was true with everything he told me!!!I think he is the best attorney around!!!! Thanks Mr. Maltezos!!!

    Tampa, FL 3/31/2013

  • Happy with Mr. Maltezos


    Happy with Mr. Maltezos as my Attorney. A friend told me about Stephen Maltezos and told me he was a very good attorney. I hired Stephen back in 2012 to handle my auto accident case. Mr. Maltezos did a fantastic job. I was very happy with him as well as his firm. They always informed me where he was with my case. Stephen really went above and beyond for me and always did what was best for my case. Thank you to him and his entire law firm!!!!

    Tampa, FL 3/31/2013

  • My case is now over

    Jason R.

    Just wanted to write something about my attorney Steve Maltezos. I hired him to represent me in my DUI case. My case is now over and I told him I wanted to give back somehow. When I was arrested for my DUI, I felt alone and was scared. Now, 5 months later . . . I am in a different place. Mr. Maltezos got my entire case thrown out on a legal technicality. I was there in court when it happened, but I am not sure how exactly it happened. Steve always told me I had a good case and to "stay positive". I am so happy I hired his law firm to represent me.

    Tampa, FL 4/30/2013