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"I hired Stephen Maltezos to handle my personal injury case. He is one of the most down to earth and hardest working people I have ever met. He was never too busy to discuss the status of my case. He always kept in touch with me and I always knew what was going on with my case at all stages. He is the best attorney and my settlement was more than I expected!!!!!! I am very happy with my outcome!!!"

Maria M., New Port Richey 4/15/2012

"Excellent Attorney! Mr. Maltezos is an excellent attorney and a good man. His knowledge and service has helped me threw out all my legal endeavors and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an advocate."

Dustin R., Plant City, FL 5/1/2012

"Great Lawyer!!! Hired Mr. Maltezos to handle my case and he got my case dropped completely!! I was more than happy with his services. He was never too busy to speak to me, especially the few times I really needed to talk to him."

Anonymous , 5/6/2012

"I hired Stephen Maltezos to handle my legal issue. He went above and beyond what was expected. He is not like most other attorneys I have met; he is very down to earth. He even met with me on the Saturday before we went to court so we were extra prepared when we got in front of the judge. Once we got to court, he was very aggressive in court and got my case dropped! I will always be grateful to Mr. Maltezos."

Esteban C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 5/6/2012

"Hiring Mr. Maltezos to represent me in court was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has developed a tremendously strong reputation in the Tampa area, and thanks to his great standing with the prosecutors of Plant City, he was able to secure me a nol process decision on my charges before I even spoke to the judge. I know a lot of people say that attorneys will swindle you put of as much money as they can, but Steven stuck to his word and never once mentioned charging me more than the low flat fee we had agreed upon. I could not have asked for a better experience, and I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone weekend legal assistance in the area."

Tim G, Valrico, FL 6/23/2012

"Stephen represented me on a case where I was in some trouble and I had no understanding of the law or charges really, I knew the basics. Stephen met with me after hours, which was a surprise. Most [attorneys] would have wanted to meet during normal business hours but he knew I needed to meet after work. So I met with him and we went over case and he talked to my family on the phone while I was at his office to let them be part of what was being discussed. Long story short he took my case, worked on it, and kept me and my family informed on the progress. The case was serious and had me nervous, but Stephen talked to me whenever I called. He told me to remain calm and assured me he would do his best for me and I must say wow, he did! Somehow he managed to get my case closed and charges dropped. Not sure how and I do not care. I only know I would hire him for any legal issue I may ever have again and I recommend him. If in need of a lawyer he is the person to contact… Just want to say thank you Stephen ...Great job!!!"

Gary P., Largo, FL 8/29/2012

"Kwoledgeable, Friendly, and Extremely Responsive Lawyer. I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen C. Maltezos, and he was very helpful in an otherwise difficult situation. I made the mistake of letting a public defender handle my case at first and it was only after my case was heard that I realized the extent of my error. It was then I contacted Mr. Maltezos and had the good fortune to have him jump on at that point. He was still able to straighten out what was a confusing mess and has been crucial in making my life easier these past few months. I would highly recommend him as he is knowledgeable, friendly, and is extremely responsive. Do not make the mistake of trusting your life to a public defender!! Definitely worth it to reach out to a professional in the first place who is experienced and who actually cares about helping you to get back on the right track- and stay there!"

Anonymous , 1/22/2013

"I hired Stephen to handle an auto accident case. I didn't even know he did those b/c I only thought he did criminal cases and DUI cases. Anyway, I digress, lol, I was hit from behind. The accident was not my fault. I treated at the doctors for 4 months, and then Stephen settled my case. I don't want to disclose what I received in case the IRS checks this site, but Mr. Maltezos got the maximum money possible. Stephen Maltezos is an awesome attorney. Steve, you rock!!!"

Natalia S., Tampa, FL 11/24/2013

"Awesome Lawyer. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with Mr. Maltezos representation. I retained Mr. Maltezos for multiple charges including a felony in which he had gotten reduced to a misdemeanor. I was also looking a 5 yrs. prison max sentence and he had got it reduced to 6 months p.c.j. then reduced again to 60 days p.c.j. then after I thought that was the best I could get, he did me even better and gotten me 40 days on house arrest (I can still go to work and the grocery store) keeping me out of jail. I highly recommend you retain Mr. Maltezos, he is the only person we go to now for legal help. After this situation he has become our family lawyer and with GOOD REASONS!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous, 1/28/2014

"I would highly recommend retaining Mr. Maltezos... he was very professional, courteous, and offering a sense of compassion during an extremely stressful situation. Not to mention he had gotten my charges reduced to lower counts and kept me out of jail... He was also a fraction of the cost of the 3 previous lawyers I had consulted with that all tried to scare me in to hiring them. I would refer Mr. Maltezos to anyone bad there's only 5 stars because he deserves 10!!!!!! Thank you again Mr.Maltezos."

J.U., St. Petersburg, FL 1/28/2014

"THE ATTORNEY THAT MAKES IT HAPPEN FOR YOU! Attorney Stephen Maltezos wants you to: ' Get Out of Jail Fast! On December of 2011 Stephen Maltezos defended me successfully for a sales and delivery charge of a controlled substance. That's 2 felony charges punishable by 20 years in prison. Already having a criminal record, no doubt left me extremely concerned. Fortunately I had Mr. Maltezos defending me. Due to his expertise and professionalism I was sentenced to probation. No jail time! Unfortunately, one third of the way into my sentence I violated probation. No worries though! Attorney Maltezos was on it! In a week my probation was reinstated. That was 1 year ago ATTORNEY MALTEZOS MADE IT HAPPEN FOR ME AGAIN ! ! ! On January 29, 2014 I was scheduled for an early termination hearing. Attorney Maltezos met me at the courthouse. I left there a Free Woman! Because Stephen knows how to make it happen! 12 months prior to completing a 3 year sentence, motion to early terminate GRANTED! Oh Yeah, free to live life to the fullest. Don't wait! Call Stephen Maltezos now so he can make it happen for you. Call him at 813-642-7438 and set up an appointment at his office in St Petersburg or his sister office now conveniently located in Tampa."

Jolene S., Plant City FL 1/24/2014

"My sister was part of a complicated case, causing her a great deal of difficulty and financial struggle.  She met with 7 different lawyers - none of them were willing to help her through the process (even disregarded when trying to reach them by phone). Then she met with Stephen Maltezos. He treated her as if she were his only client - answering and returning every call with urgency. His professionalism and willingness to listen made him an easy person to work with. (He even talked to me on the phone when I had questions!). He gave us both respect, won her case and did it all for the best possible price out there (based on what the other 7 quoted). Mr. Maltezos is articulate, professional, genuine and he got the job done when nobody else could or would.  My sister doesn't "yelp" but I simply must step forward on her behalf - this guy is terrific. But don't take my word, pick up the phone and dial his digits."

C R., Tampa, FL 2/12/2014

"Great Lawyer. I live in WV and my son lives in Florida. He got into some legal trouble and me far away couldn't get to him. I called Steve and I felt very confident that he would take care of things. I couldn't have been more pleased than to have Steve as his lawyer. He kept me informed as to what was going on. Steve treated me and my son like we were family. I would highly recommend him."

Kathy, 2/19/2014

"Steve Maltezos was genuinely concerned about me as a client during my legal problems. He treated me as a friend that offered open communication, status updates and, when needed, thorough legal explanations. I was completely at ease through the entire process knowing that Steve was representing me. He is truly a professional that gets positive results. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone that needs legal assistance."

Mark M., Tampa, FL 11/18/2014

"My name is Jeff and I was charged with driver license charge which could of put me behind bars. The State attorney and my public defender seemed to be on the same team. I WAS going to loose my freedom and my license, but once I talked with Stephen as he promised and being a man of his word I'm a free man with my driver license. Thank you Stephen and my family thanks you too."

Jeffrey F. , Tampa, FL, 9/9/2014

"Steve is a wonderful lawyer and person as well. He really cares about his clients and will go over and above normal expectations to ensure you not only understand everything about your case but also know what to expect from the court system. Highly recommended!"

Tracy C., Largo, FL 1/25/2014

"Very Happy with Maltezos. Great Attorney. I hired Stephen Maltezos to represent me as my criminal defense attorney for my DUI charge. Mr. Maltezos went above and beyond my expectations. I was skeptical about my case at first, as I had never gone through the criminal process here in Florida before. Mr. Maltezos was not only able to comfort me, keeping me informed during the long process, but he got me an awesome result when everything was all said and done. He ended up getting my case reduced to a non-dui charge!! I am very happy with his work as my dui defense attorney."

Anonymous, 1/23/14

"Steve is hands down the best attorney in the area. I had a DUI and a grand theft case (I hired him twice) and I am extremely pleased with the results he achieved for me. Not only did he keep me out of jail but he got my both of my cases completely dismissed. The best part of it all is that I am not broke after all said and done. His fees were the most reasonable compared to other attorneys I had spoken to. He is down to earth and truly cares for his clients. Mal-practice? I don't think so. I do a thorough background research on people I hire for various things, and Steve does not have one complaint against him. Besides being an upstanding professional that goes above and beyond for his clients he is also a good person. So for anyone out there reading this post, do not hesitate to hire Steve, you will be extremely pleased and comforted from the first moment you talk to him."

Mark W., St. Petersburg, FL 9/30/2013

"Just wanted to write something about my attorney Steve Maltezos. I hired him to represent me in my DUI case. My case is now over and I told him I wanted to give back somehow. When I was arrested for my DUI, I felt alone and was scared. Now, 5 months later . . . I am in a different place. Mr. Maltezos got my entire case thrown out on a legal technicality. I was there in court when it happened, but I am not sure how exactly it happened. Steve always told me I had a good case and to "stay positive". I am so happy I hired his law firm to represent me."

Jason R., Tampa, FL 4/30/2013

"Happy with Mr. Maltezos as my Attorney. A friend told me about Stephen Maltezos and told me he was a very good attorney. I hired Stephen back in 2012 to handle my auto accident case. Mr. Maltezos did a fantastic job. I was very happy with him as well as his firm. They always informed me where he was with my case. Stephen really went above and beyond for me and always did what was best for my case. Thank you to him and his entire law firm!!!!"

Martinez , Tampa, FL 3/31/2013

"Great Lawyer!!!! Hired Stephen Maltezos to represent me in my DUI case. He got my case dropped to a reckless driving with no probation!!!! He always called me back quickly and he was true with everything he told me!!!I think he is the best attorney around!!!! Thanks Mr. Maltezos!!!"

Constantine , Tampa, FL 3/31/2013

"The BEST Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Pete. I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance . . . and let’s just say, I was in the worst position I have ever been in my life considering I was stopped, detained, arrested, hand-cuffed, then thrown in the clink. My friend told me about Stephen Maltezos and told me that he is 1 of the most aggressive yet most down to earth attorney around. My friend also told me that Mr. Maltezos's fees were not outrageous. When I met with Mr. Maltezos, he was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans (a real blue-collar guy)!!!! He gave me a free consultation and at the end of the consultation, I felt like I couldn't leave his office without retaining his services. A few months later, after Mr. Maltezos got his hands dirty from the work he was doing . . . my case was dropped completely!!! No jail, no house arrest, no probation, no conviction, and no record!!! Mr. Maltezos is the best attorney in St. Petersburg when it comes to felony criminal defense!!!!"

Nathan , 3/23/2013

"AWESOME DUI ATTORNEY. I hired Stephen Maltezos to represent me for a DUI. He got my charge dropped completely after winning a Motion hearing. Stephen always called me back, he always kept me informed, he was always on my side and he truly believed in me!!!!!After having gone with Mr. Maltezos on my old case and being extremely happy, I will be sure my family and I use the Maltezos Law Firm in ALL of our legal endeavors from now on."

Dan H., St. Petersburg, FL 1/27/2013


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